Home Users

Mobile Devices

We have many home users from those new to computers and in need of some general advice and help, maybe to choose a suitable printer, a digital camera or web cam, to those users who are much more experienced.

Many home users now have a mixture of computers, laptops and tablet devices and are looking to network them to share files and the internet connection.

We appreciate that many home users are not available during normal office hours due to work or other commitments and therefore we offer evening and weekend appointments at our standard rate.

Alternatively, and depending on the problem you are having, you can deliver the computer to our office and collect it from us when it is repaired. This enables you to take advantage of our fixed price repair fee.

We have many retired clients with different levels of computer skills. To us every client is important, no matter what their needs are.

Whether your computer is giving you problems or you are looking for advice to extend your skills, want some help setting up your computer, getting on the internet, setting up email, or even a web cam to communicate with family and friends in distant places; please contact us.